The democratization process in Somalil and continues to move forward showing signs of strength and stability. The people of Somalil and have,  in the span of decade managed to successfully implement five free and fair elections (two Local Council Elections in December 2002 and November 2012,  the Presidential elections in April 2003 and June 2010,  and a Parliamentary Election in September 2005). The National Electoral Commission (NEC) of Somalil and,  in conjunction with roles played by the civil society,  the media,  security,  the political parties,  the international community,  and especially the people of Somalil and has during these elections gained important experience and is now in a strategic position to solidly ground the democratization process in Somalil and through the up-coming elections.


The success of these upcoming elections will be an important milestone in the Somalil and’s march towards the creation of a democratic society. It will also demonstrate the deep commitment to change. While these elections are very important to the people of Somalil and,  the elections will also demonstrate to the larger Somali region,  the path that can be taken to democracy.

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