APD Peace Engagement for Sanaag Region

APD Sanaag Peace Engagement

Erigavo, Sanaag

10th-22nd of September 2020.

On Thursday, the 10th of September, the APD team held a consultation meeting with the Governor of the Sanaag Region, Ahmed Osman Hasan, along with other foremost regional level officials. The Governor briefed the APD team on the current situation of the on-going Shidan/Cershow Peace-building Initiative. He stated that the two conflicting clans there are represented and chaired by their two respective traditional leaders, Sultan Rashid and Suldan Said, along with two separate twenty member peace committees (20×2) totaling 40 in number. In addition to that, a 20 member mediation committee was set up which is consisted of the other major clans in the Sanaag region.

On Wednesday, the 16th of September, the APD team held a consultation meeting with the Governor of the Sanaag Region Ahmed Osman Hasan. The Governor briefed the APD team on the next round of peace talks between the conflicting clans, in which they were planned on Saturday, the 19th of September. Afterward, the Governor contacted the Sultans representing the respective clans; Sultan Said, Sultan Rashid, Caqil Kayse Ismail Muse, Caqil Mohamed Ali Sagaaro, and the Chairman of the Mediation Committee Sheikh Said Ahmed Jama. Upon arrival at the Governor’s Office, following brief discussions, a ceremony was held to transfer the APD’s financial contribution towards the peace-building efforts. Moreover, APD transferred $4000 US dollars equally amongst the three separate peace committees – the two respective clans and the mediation committee. All parties expressed their gratitude to the APD team and urged continued supports towards the Shidan/Cershow Peace Process.

On Monday the 21st of September, the APD team led a peace-building workshop for 50 participants representing the various clans residing in Sanaag. Participants were comprised of traditional elders, women, youth, intellectuals, and academicians. Additionally, on Tuesday, the 22nd of September, the APD team held two separate FGD’s for the clans embroiled in the Shidan/Cershow Peace Process. These FGD’s invited 20 male participants (mainly peace committee members) from the two brotherly clans.