Production tour for the Land & Environmental Management Film

The Academy for Peace and Development’s Audio Visual Unit set about on a filming tour to several key rural areas near Burao. The objective of this production tour was to visit targeted locations near Burao for the filming of key issues concerning disputes involving land. In addition, to visually highlight the primary causes surrounding conflicts involving land as well as the impact of charcoal production towards the Somaliland’s Environment. The footage captured will be incorporated into the production of the Land and Environmental Management Documentary.
The locations visited by the AVU team were Bali-diiryie, Madax weyne pastoral village,  a charcoal production camp 20 km away from Madax weyne village, pastoral settlements near Ainabo, warrin (40 km east from Burco) and areas near Kala-dhac village.
The AVU team managed to capture destroyed water wells (berkeds) and new clan settlements in Bali-Diiryie, which were the main sources of a dispute that occurred between two neighboring communities residing in the area.
The team also visited a charcoal production camp near a pastoral village called Madax weyne, which is situated 70km north of Burao. During their stay at the camp,  the team managed to film charcoal producers at work,as they were cutting down and burning trees to produce charcoal. A large number of destroyed trees were also filmed in the area. This footage taken at the charcoal production camp, intends to portray the negative impact this business has on Somaliland’s terrain. These shots were also captured for the purpose of showing how charcoal is actually produced in Somaliland and its effects towards the general environment.
The team also traveled to pastoral settlements in rural parts near Ainabo in order to film and re-create a scene of an actual event that took place between two groups involving a land dispute. The footage captured would emphasize the causes behind the serious issue of privatizing land.
The AVU team met with a pastoral nomadic family residing 20 km away from Ainabo and were welcomed there to set the scene that involved a conflict between a pastoral owner of livestock and an Enclosure owner over a grazing enclosure. Furthermore,  other rural villages such as warrin and Kala-dhac, which are located several kilometers east of Burao,  were also visited and stretches of land filled with a large number of cut down trees were captured on film to accommodate the segment of charcoal production in the documentary.
The objective of this production tour with the Audio Visual Unit (AVU) was to capture on film the fundamental issues and challenges involving Land & Environmental based conflicts in Somaliland in order to provide a visual narrative in the documentary.