Workshop for SOLJA & the Voter Registartion Media Reporting Code of Conduct

The Academy for Peace and Development (APD) and its partner Interpeace had sponsored a three day workshop from the 2nd to the 4th of June, 2015 for the Somalil and Journalist Association (SOLJA). This workshop was instituting a three year strategic plan for the organization. The objectives of the workshop was:

    • To present stakeholders with the copy of the strategy plan draft for discussion and to debate the validation of the document.
    • Participants were given the opportunity to review the daft of the strategy plan document, In which, necessary changes were recommend, validate and finally put into a final draft.
    • To revise and sign a code of conduct for media reporting mechanism for the voter registration process of Somalil and to start July 2015.

Additionally, regardless of the improvement of the organizational system for SOLJA, the three year strategic plan is aimed at improving the regulatory, policy environment for the pluralistic, the diverse media work, and to increase the capacity for individual journalists, media businesses and other service providers.

The participants from the diverse media stakeholders are the following, the Ministry of

Information, Parliament sub-committee of internal affairs, the General Attorney of Somalil and,

the Academy for Peace and Development, NAGAAD women umbrella, and SONSAF, who were

all present for the workshop.

Also present were the diverse media representatives from both the public and private media, intellectuals, writers, academicians and freelancers.

For the first two days of the workshop, SOLJA and the media representatives were discussing and setting the framework for the strategic plan. The areas which were given much consideration were the institutions governance and leadership, human resources, the financial platform, and the sustainability of the program. They also looked into both internal and external challenges of the institution, which was given time to deliberate and address issues. Furthermore, the vision and mission of SOLJA was revised and rephrased.

By the third day of the workshop the participants had revised and discussed the voter registration media reporting code of conduct. The code of conduct comprising of 13 clauses were agreed by all the participants of the workshop to be used for the upcoming voter registration media reporting of Somalil and.

The code of conduct was then signed by the Ministry of Information, Somalil and Journalist Association (SOLJA), Somalil and Women Journalist Association (WIJA) and Nati