Steering committe launching cermony

The Academy for Peace and Development held a Steering Committee launching ceremony on Tuesday 4th of February at Guleid hotel.


The ceremony began with Mohamed Farah Hersi,  the Executive Director of the Academy for Peace and Development welcoming the members of the Steering Committee and guests who attended the event. Among the distinguished guests who took part in the ceremony were the Chairman of National Electoral Commission (NEC),  Abdiqadir Imaan,  Chairman of Sub-Committee of Internal Affairs Ibrahim Jama Reiteh and representatives of the Ministry of Environment and members of the Guurti council.


Ahmed Diriye,  The Program Coordinator then gave a presentation of APD’s work and its approach towards its research with an introduction of the Pillars of the Peace Programme and the three pillars; Democratization,  Decentralization and Social Reconciliation. He also explained the use of Participatory Action Research methodology (PAR) in research-based activities carried out by APD.


He continued to highlight the findings of a nation wide pillar mapping survey that was conducted after the launching of the second phase of Pillars of Peace Programme. These findings were validated and prioritized in a National Programme Group meeting (NPGM) with stakeholders (NPGM),  which was held last year.


Hassan O. Hallas,  the Operations and Finance Director of APD,  formally introduced the members of the three steering committees.


The steering committee members consist of individuals who represent various segments of society in Somalil and such as government officials,  lawyers,  academics,  the media,  youth and women.


Their objectives are to provide guidance,  local ownership and overseeing the implementation of the change matrices prepared for each of the three pillars in the Pillars of Peace Programme: Democratization,  Decentralization and Social reconciliation.


The ceremony ended with discussions and validations among members of the steering committee regarding their terms of references before the signing of a letter of commitment. The participants were also informed and invited to partake in an induction for each pillar at the Academy.