Sanaag ( Erigavo) Land Environment Management Forum and Workshop

The Social reconciliation pillar team of Academy for Peace and Development (APD) held a successful ‘Land and Environment management” consultation meeting and two days workshop in Erigavo, as one of the preparatory steps of the up-coming ” Land and Environment Management Conference”.: However, during the presence of the research team of the Academy, the team has meetings with diverse groups from the Erigavo -community an in depth symposium on Sanag region existing situation based on land-disputed, social, peace and stability, Aim was to know what trends occurred during the past decade in the district and in the region in general, however, in the discussion the people have mentioned out current situation of the Sanaag region particularly the recurrent-land conflict which they consider is the main factor :
As per regional level the Social reconciliation team, hosted one day consultations and two days workshops for the regional and district authorities, enclosure owners, farmers, land-dealers, intellectuals, civil society, judiciary, members, regional representative of government ministries, women, youth, and traditional clan elders, of Sanaag region. during the sessions the clan elders highlighted, the customary rules and regulations are rarely codified and cannot be easily adjusted to modern social life in urban setting. example the land-conflict management through customary traditions is reactive but not proactive in the light of weak law enforcement institutions. a further case the emergence of diya-paying practice as the viable resolution to homicide cases has nock-on effect on the increasing rate of homicide in the entire Somaliland regions. during the forum , the participants tinted that , the proliferation of newly regions and district commencing by tribes perceptions had also further diluted for the abilities of protecting the recurrent land-conflicts by the traditional elder among theirs clan members.
For the duration of the three days activities, which held at Ugbaad – Hotel in period of December 29-31-December, 2014;about 100 participants, including the Deputy of Governor of the Sanaag region, Erigavo, El-afwayn-and Badhan Mayors, a wide array of other distinguished guest discussed about the most suitable land utilization methods; and the ever-increasing land dispute, which is a threat to the Somaliland stability. The Social reconciliation pillar team , opened the forum and the workshop with initial remarks on “Improving the land and
natural resource based disputes solution mechanism”, which is APD’s major priority. Such consultation meetings, forums, focus group discussion, and workshops will take place throughout Somaliland to address this peace threatening issue, according to Mr. Yusuf. encouraged the participants to voice their opinions to look for solution through participatory action research (PAR) to pave the way to prepare for a monumental conference on land management”, said Omar. In addition, to offering an open forum to discuss the way forward, the consultation forum and the workshop gave a space for government and the wider public to engage in frank dialogue on the Same as the one day consultation meeting prior to the two days, workshop resumed with fierce debates and discussion amongst the participants; and finally, the social reconciliation pillar researcher team presented a proposed social agreement to the participants as solution to these obstacles and challenges identified by the social reconciliation pillar collected during the pillar mapping exercise and several other peace-building research activities.
Finally this two days workshops and forums were ended successfully, -50 traditional elders, land/enclosure owners and brokers, and regional authorities signed APD proposed social agreement, when discussed and local contributions incorporated.