Land Environment based Conflict Management Consultation Workshop

strong>Land and Environment based Conflict Management Consultation Workshop /strong>


The Academy for Peace and Development (APD) Burao Satellite office successfully held a ‘Land and Environment based conflict management consultation meetings and two days workshop’ in preparation for an up-coming conference on the discussion topic:

The APD Burao office held a ‘land and environment based conflict management consultation workshop’ at Deero Hotel in Burao from the15 sup>th /sup> 17 sup>th /sup> of December, to discuss the recurrent issue of land-based conflict and the lack of mechanisms to manage these conflicts. In addition, to offering an open forum to discuss the way forward, the consultation forum and the workshop gave a space for government and the wider public to engage in frank dialogue on the discussion topic. The consultations forum and the two days workshop hosted 100 participants which included the Governor of the Togdheer region, regional representative of six government ministries (Interior, Public Works, Water and Resources, Environment, Agriculture, public work, Religious Affairs) traditional elders, women, youth, owners of the part of enclosures, farmer holders, land-dealers and representatives of local and international organizations and a wide array of other distinguished guest. The Director of the APD Burao Satellite Office, Omar Aden Yusuf opened the conference with initial remarks. “Improving mechanisms to find solutions to land and natural resource based disputes was set as a major priority by our office; consultations of this nature throughout Somaliland will begin the process of addressing this peace threatening issue. And, after our presentations, I encourage everyone to voice their opinions on the direction we need to set our focus towards future goals by initiating a discussion through participatory action research (PAR) to prepare for a monumental conference on land management”, said the director of the APD Burao Satellite office. The governor of the Togdheer region, Mohamed Muse Diriye, also spoke at the consultation workshop. He emphasized the necessity of regional and national co-ordination on this major challenge to peace and stability.

Regional agriculture officer answer the Questioners from the participants during the forum.

The three days of consultation meetings and workshops resumed with fierce debates and discussion amongst the participants. The social reconciliation pillar researcher presented a social agreement to the participants based on the obstacles and challenges to effective land management and control compiled by the social reconciliation pillar collected during the pillar mapping exercise and several other peace-building research activities. The participants added input and debated the points of the proposed social agreement. In conclusion, after extensive discussions, and slight alterations to the

grouping working during the two days workshops

During the discussions participants

social agreement, all 50 participants unanimously signed the social agreement consolidating widespread commitment on this monumental issue. The regional governor closed the two days workshop by re-iterating the need to converge on the issue; “ We must continue regional dialogue to contribute to the up-coming nation-wide conference which we will hosting right here in Burao”.

The Governor commended the Burao Satellite office for their continued efforts on advancing peace and development in the Togdheer region; and expressed appreciation towards the participants for attending the workshop. Representatives of all six regional ministerial offices in attendance presented the mandated areas of land in which they govern, and challenges to implementing their ministerial policies to effectively manage land. They expressed a commitment to address this nation-wide issue, and welcomed increased civil and government co-ordination.

Regional Governor, Regional agriculture officer, Regional Live stock officer, Regional Environment and rural development officer , regional Public work and transportation officer , Regional Mineral officer , regional water officer , Regional.