Workshops, Burco Team

The APD Burco Satellite office held two days workshops and one day forum at Hamdi Hotel, which is located in the capital city of the Sool region; Las-Anod. These workshops/forum were attended by the various sectors of society in the Sool region, which includes traditional elders, women, youth media, regional governmental officers,  and intellectuals. APD burao office staff, the participatory method in the process of conducting research which consists of group work/discussions and group presentations to create an environment of open and free dialogue .

The aim of the workshops/forum was to analyze conflict in order to conduct a comparative study on conflict management and social reconciliation issues in the regions of Somalil and. In co-operation with the APD focal person in the Sool region, the workshops/forum were successful and gained valuable insight was on the current situation in the troubled conflict prone region