NPGM Conference : Pictures

The Academy for Peace and Development successfully held its 5th National Program Group Meeting:


The APD held its 5th annual meeting to discuss completed projects; in addition to offering an open forum to discuss prospective plans. Attendees included House Speakers of both Houses of parliament,  Chairmen of all three political parties,  cabinet ministers,  and representatives of local and international organizations and a wide array of other distinguished guest. Executive director of APD,  Mohammed Farah opened the conference with initial remarks. “The discussions held during our last NPGM became the framework of projects completed in the last few years. And,  after our presentations,  I encouraged everyone to voice their opinions on the direction we need to set our focus towards future goals by initiating a discussion through participatory action research (PAR) and the starting points for all three pillars of peace (POP)”,  said the executive director of APD. House Speaker of Representatives,  Abdirahman Cirro,  also spoke at the opening ceremony. He emphasized the necessity of national consultation on challenges.


The Speaker commended APD for holding the conference; and expressed appreciation for the representative of all regions of Somalil and in attendance. Chairmen of all three political parties,  Musa Bihi,  Faisal Ali Waraabe and Abdirahman Cirro issued similar messages of tackling national challenges through dialogue and dedication. The three day meeting resulted in participants from all Somalil and regions expressing optimism towards prospective plans for APD future initiatives.


The three day meeting began with APD researches from the three pillar program providing presentations on completed projects; obstacles faced and progress made. The Democratization,  Decentralization and Social Reconciliation pillars enabled participants to underst and APD’S message via PowerPoint,  documentaries and an all-inclusive discussion and debate forum. It’s important to note the three day plenary discussions group presentations and open microphone for people to have optimal chance of giving their perspectives. The NPGM concluded with a closing speech from vice minister of labor and social affairs,  Shukri Hariir.“…we must take a moment to acknowledge APD.


To acknowledge APD for their continued effort in resolving social issues and providing a platform for all aspects of society to be taken into the decision making process”.