Awdal–Land and Environment Management Consultation Workshop

Academy for Peace and Development (APD) Burao Satellite office held a successful ‘Land and Environment management” consultation forum and two days workshop in Borama as one of the preparatory steps of the up coming “Land and Environment Management Conference”.
The three-day activity was held at Maano- Guest- House from the 27th to 29th of January, 205. The workshop and forum hosted 100 participants which included the governor of the Awdal region, and a wide array of other distinguished guests. The topical discussions centered upon the identification of suitable land utilization methods to address the alarming increase in land-based disputes which pose as a grave threat to Somaliland’s peace and stability. The Social reconciliation pillar team opened the forum and the workshop with initial remarks on “Improving the land and natural resource based disputes resolution mechanisms which is APD’s major priority.
The Director of the Burao Satellite office Omar Adan Yusuf opened the session, stating: “We encourage participants to voice their opinions in order to find solutions through participatory action research (PAR) to pave the way towards preparing for a monumental conference on land management”. In addition, to offering an open forum to discuss the way forward, the workshop gave a space for government and wider public to engage in a frank dialogue similar to the one day consultation meeting which was held prior to the two days workshop. The workshop resumed with fierce debates and discussions amongst the participants. Finally the social reconciliation pillar researcher team presented and proposed a social agreement to the participants as a possible solution
The methodology of the consultation workshops was entirely participatory, interactive discussions on key issues was followed by group work on deliberating key topics, given the high illiteracy rate among the participants, few participants who have writing and reading skills were dispersed among the groups. These very persons were those who also presented the group output. To conclude the workshop, participants selected 50 traditional and clan elders amongst the participants for the signing of the social agreement and the validation of region specific recommendations.
The social reconciliation pillar researcher also held focused discussions with Borama resident to gain information on recent developments in the region, which include the Suldan Waber’s issue, Goob Valley Conference Conclusion and the President’s Tour of the region.