Local Governance Barometer – Somaliland

The inception of LGB-Perception survey
On 5th November, Academy for Peace and Development with the assistance of Interpeace has conducted two-day training for 47 enumerators to be deployed in three districts in the pilot phase of the LGB project. As a prelude of the data collection of the perception survey, the trainees have imparted interviewing skills and code of conduct in engaging with potential interviewees.
Following the training and field-testing of the questionnaire, the Decentralisation pillar team in collaboration with Management of APD has embarked on the data collection exercise in the three LGB-pilot districts (Burao. Borama and Salahley). Enumerators equipped with the necessary tools for the field data collection have been dispatched to the field in the following sizes and inception dates:
No. District Enumerators Inception date
1 Borama 16 12th November
2 Burao 27 15th November
3 Salahley 4 15th November

The data collection activity is scheduled to continue from 8-11 days. According to the pre-defined sample of the survey, the enumerators in teams of four are assigned to interview the following sample size in the three districts:
No District Sample size
1. Borama 552 interviews
2. Burao 872 interviews
3. Salahley 112 interviews

Meanwhile, another component of the LGB, the Local Government Assessment exercise by the Civil Service Institute is going in the three districts in parallel with the survey and the teams of the implementing agencies constantly communicate in the field.